¡¡¡¡Target to strict market require of the installation space of the mainframe of center air-condition, our company has research and develop roundness screw bushing, it not only saves the space on the structure, but also advance in the exclude corrupt, exchange heating efficiency, etc. Nowadays, many customers have used our products and we have received a good response.

Main Dimension

Parameter Explain:
1.Backwater temperature:12¡æ, flow temperature 7¡æ, Cooling inlet temperature: 30¡æ Cooling outlet temperature: 35¡æ
Refrigerant: R22 Evaporation temperature: 2¡æ
Environment: dry ball temperature: 35¡À2¡æ, wet ball temperature: 24¡À2¡æ¡£
2. Designed operating pressure: water section¡Ü10bar, refrigerant section¡Ü30bar
3. Operating temperature: -30¡æ_95¡æ

Perfect reliable technical support:
We have been accumulated The greatest advantage to design heat exchanger equipment in any field such as air-condition, cold storage and so on. during more than ten years. We can design the heat exchanger according to your requirement.

1. The C1 access is screw thread
2. The C2¡¢C3 access is extended dia
3. The above size is subjected to the size before temperature preservation
4. We may change the actual size in small scope without giving notice

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