¡¡¡¡ The Aotwa(AOTWA) SCC series high efficient pipe condensator is designed and developed based upon the technology of SEC series screw evaporator. It serves as the water condensator in the cooling system. The main structure of this condensator is made by precise steel pipe and finned copper pipe. The feet are fixed by welding. Two types of medium are transmitted by the heat exchanger pipe. In this way, the heat exchange is high efficient.

Selected material and Reliable operation.

1¡¢The exterior pipe of the high efficient pipe condensator is made by the precise steel pipe, the interior pipe is clear enough to satisfy the requirement of refrigeration.
2¡¢The interior pipe of the high efficient pipe condensator is made by the effective wing pipe, its properties are as follow:
l£©Zero leakage.
¡¡¡¡Compared with the conventional copper pipe, this high efficient wing pipe has a thick wall, which helps to guarantee the zero leakage under high pressure and improve the heat exchanging efficient.
2£©Anti-fatigue and distortion proof.
¡¡¡¡The high efficient pipe can stand the shock and fatigue damage.

¡¤High efficient of heat exchanging.
Compared with the conventional pipe, the high efficient pipe condensator has a larger heat exchanging area. So its heat exchanging index is far higher than the conventional pipe. The experience has proved that the heat exchanging index can reach 3000Wm2¡¤K. This can greatly reduce the condensator¡¯s installation room in the host.

Dirty Proof

The interior of the high efficient wing pipe is smooth and clean, it is much better than the conventional heat exchanger copper pipe and exchanger. The fiber, sand and other impurity can go through the diameter, it is dirty proof.

Upon the customer¡¯s requirement, we can offer the double FI heat exchanger to satisfy the requirement of energy saving.

Reduce the cost and improve efficient
Upholding the principle of satisfying the manufacturers, we are making effort to reduce the product cost and improve the product function.

Easy installation and operation.
Under the standard condition (heat pump water input & output temperature is 40£¯45¡æ), the actual pipe heat exchanging sum is 11.5w (the cooling water flow is 2m3/ h and the water resistance is less than 25kPa). Our company can also design the non-standard heat exchanger upon the customer¡¯ s service.

¡¡1.The product fix and pip joint is indicated at the following illustration
¡¡2.Please use the anti-shaking measure in installation.
¡¡3.3.0 Mpa nitrogen is blocked out in our product, please discharge this gas before use and install it as soon as possible before releasing the gas.
¡¡4.Please take the gas protection measure to protect the inert gas.
¡¡5.To extend the heat exchanging efficiency, please pay attention to the cooling water quality.
¡¡6.Please take the protection measure to protect the pipe exterior in transportation and installation
¡¡7.Never change the size of the pipe by force. 

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